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Flohr Instruments

Lab technology and scientifical instruments


Flohr Instruments designs and produces laboratory and scientific instruments.


Starting in 1991 Flohr Instruments designs, produces and deliver laboratory- and scientific instruments. Besides our standard models we are specialized in design and producing of custom made instruments. By example climate testcabinets, cooling baths or any other instrument which needs to meet customs specifications or particular testprocedures. Because we produce all in our own factory it is easy to proceed with non standard inquiries.

Due to our flexible production we can almost always give a solution, like extra possibilities and changes in standard instruments which are not always possible with other suppliers.

Due to our flexibility and quality of our products we deliver global worldwide.

Custom made solutions

Germination and thermogradienttables, Germination and plantgrowth cabinets.


Mojonnier analyzer


Climate test rooms

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Frost-defrost bath.