Coolincubators and climatecabinets

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Flohr Instruments

Lab technology and scientifical instruments

Flohr Instruments designs and produces (cooled) incubators and climate test cabinets for several applications.

Our large range of models of incubators and climate test cabinets are suitable for a lots of applications. Due to our flexible production we can almost always give a solution, like extra possibilities and changes in standard instruments which are not always possible with other suppliers.

Climate testcabinets MKKL 600 and 1200 serie with humidity control and illumination

Climate cabinet MKKL 800 with 800 liter volume.

Climate cabients MKKL200-500

Cooled incubator MKK200 - 500, 200 to 500 liter volume.

Ultralow freezer to -87 C

In-trolley incubator

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Cooled incubator LC series